Make it personal
Helping athletes engage their sponsors

The art of saying ‘Thank You’

In today’s world, busy is the trend. We run from meeting to meeting, barely lifting our heads from our phones. Days consumed with hectic schedules lend little time for personalized communication. Quite often the most simple and personal gestures like saying thank you are forgotten. However, at the end of the day, it is the little things that count most in developing interpersonal relationships.

Evoke change in your organization by taking a look at how you say thank you to your sponsors and supporters. Attract the magic that comes with a heartfelt thank you by getting to know your sponsors on a more personal level. Do the things that count. Eliminate the things that don’t. And most importantly, make it personal.

Revise your current interactions with your sponsors and re-energize these relationships with Evoke’s Sponsor Retention Program by planning and tailoring your appreciations actions to your sponsor.

Building relationships


Carefully consider the time and financial investment organizations dedicate to acquiring new sponsors while attempting to balance existing relationships. Now picture the money and irreplaceable time escaped when sponsors discontinue funding due to lack of engagement and dissipated interest. Evoke utilizes traditional and digital marketing and communication methods to creatively personalize, update, and continually engage supporters.

The unmatched value of sponsorship and private funding is critical to the overall success of many organizations. Partnering with Evoke means entering into a relationship-oriented mindset that continuously builds engagement with sponsors, one by one and over time.

Evoke offers the resources and tools to develop individualized communication strategies and personalize your interactions with sponsors.

A One on One approach


Meeting with your sponsors in person is essential to creating a rapport with them. Whether it is a formal community or corporate event, a casual lunch meeting or day out with your sponsors, Evoke believes that surrounding the sponsor with impactful experiences will foster meaningful relationships. Spending time getting to know them will increase your chances of improving the funding and support you receive.

Evoke is dedicated to creating an authentic connection with sponsors leaving lasting impressions, laying the blueprint of support for years to come. Building these relationships requires time and effort, and we are excited to offer the necessary logistical support to build these partnerships through creative event planning.

Our team will work with you to design a sponsor retention plan that will drive success, deliver positive financial results and delight sponsors who will become raving fans and loyal advocates.


Evoke offers a comprehensive sponsorship management platform providing clients with personalized creative forms of communication to engage sponsors; connecting them to the organization and creating a lasting business relationship.

Evoke provides guidance to better understand sponsor profiles thus choosing the most effective approach to maximize the partnership. The main goal of the Sponsorship Retention Program is to build and maintain deep rooted and mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their sponsors.

It is the details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. 

– John Wooden